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Transforming the classroom practices is a key dimension to improve teaching and learning through the Teachers’ Professional Development Programme designed in DWPS, exclusively to promote the empowerment of teachers. It creates transformational experiences for teachers using experiential learning approach to ensure safe growing spaces for the children. A range of professional learning happens in school by undertaking activities at individual or collaborative level to facilitate cooperative learning. To facilitate the professional growth, ‘Lit Wit Sessions’ after reading a book is encouraged. Books which are inspiring, thought provoking and with enough depth to stimulate a debate or discussion are shared for reading. Teachers are encouraged to hold Micro Teaching sessions to share innovative teaching practices with colleagues. Teachers are given enough space to work together to design new resource materials and assessment tools. International Education Exchange Programmes are conducted to exchange thoughts on a larger platform to enhance awareness. Integrated curriculum planning, interdisciplinary teaching, and thematic teaching are some of the best practices followed in school.

Numerous Workshops 

Open new perspectives which help teachers gain confidence apart from skill enhancement. Self-reflection is a critical skill for reflection on action, reflection for action and reflection in action. Thus there are myriad opportunities offered to teachers to learn new strategies, techniques and also explore possibilities of diverse growth in their profession.