National Amateur 2021 Chess Championship out of 669 players

“Aman has been playing chess professionally since 2015. He has been playing regularly in all the National & State level championships. He has represented India in the South Asian and Commonwealth Chess Championships in 2018 and 2019. He has played in various National Chess Championships. He played more than 70+ International rated tournaments and Currently his International FIDE Rating is 1749. His peak rating was 1771 which he achieved back in February 2018. Recently he got 3rd Position in Delhi State Blitz Championship and Fifth Position in the Delhi State Amatuer Chess Championship. He scored 8.5 points out of 11 points and got 24th Position in the National Amateur 2021 Chess Championship out of 669 players. His aim is to achieve 2500 rating and become an International Chess Grandmaster as soon as possible.”

Motivation and success are what drive individuals in any profession. In the school setting, it is critically important that we celebrate and recognize the outstanding things that students accomplish, both inside and outside of the building. In such a wonderful way we are proud to share the achievements of VIDHAN MISHRA of class IX who is untiringly pursuing his dream of being a CRICKETER.
He is focussed boy with long term vision in his eyes. Vidhan Mishra has made it to multiple matches on formal platforms and is recognised as one the asset to his Team. After many successful matches, he is now gearing-up for 
Delhi World Public School, Noida extension supports him and as assured by honorable Principal Mrs. Jyoti Arora “We are with him in his mission to success, there will be no stones left unturned to make his schooling flexible and smooth to help him concentrate towards his goal, All the Best Vidhan, God Bless!” 

“What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom”

Sports is an integral part of our school’s curriculum. Achievements in the field of sports eclipse all other accomplishments because of the sheer excitement that sporting activities generate. Besides this, playing sports is a vital part of childhood that helps children inculcate physical strength, coordination, a feeling of camaraderie, team spirit, self-discipline, balance, focus, management and fosters the skills of group dynamics .DWPS, as a part of its holistic education policy provides competitive level sports facilities for its pupils, which are upgraded from time to time to keep abreast with the latest rules and regulations for competitive sport. The school also has incorporated Sports Day and Sports Week to enable children to realize that success is the result of single-minded effort, determination and discipline. We also are trying to develop a culture of sports by keeping morning and afternoon practice hours for different sports activities under qualified guidance and supervision of the best Physical Education Teachers. Our students have been actively participating in various Inter-school, district, state and national level competitions where they have won numerous awards and accolades. This ensures that the youthful energy and creative potential of our students is effectively channelized.

The following is a list of games and sports facilities offered to the students in the campus. Sport is played at all levels. The School hosts a number of tournaments in different games throughout the year.

  1. Cricket– The institution is proud to be associated with the prestigious ‘Yuvraj Singh Centre for Excellence’ which provides a platform to nurture the talent of young and passionate cricketers through in house training and development programmes designed and executed by qualified cricket coaches and instructors. There is an appropriate size cricket field with a well-maintained pitch. The outer areas and viewing areas for spectators is scenically developed. The pitches serve for practice and competitive matches.
  2. Football -The school prides in having another addition in the sports zone by tying with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools for aspiring footballers to receive specialized training and provide the right playing opportunity and groom the next generation of the top footballers in the country.
  3. Badminton: The School has a spacious and well equipped Badminton court with trained and experienced Physical Education Teachers.
  4. Basketball: There is a well maintained Basketball court for competitive sport. The school organises various tournaments for the students . House-matches, Class leagues and Sports teachers vs Pupils matches are played.
  5. Carrom: This Board game is played in the indoor sports arena and students eagerly wait for the games period to enjoy this compact and portable game.
  6. Chess: Chess as a competitive sport is played in the sports arena with great zeal and zest.
  7. Futsal: This variant of football is played on a specially built hard court. This five-a-side competitive sport is particularly popular with Middle School pupils.
  8. Kabaddi: Kabaddi is played in the school with lot of cheerfulness and excitement.
  9. Skating: The students are provided the opportunity to display their skating talent through their amazing stunts on their skating wheels and are trained by professional Physical Education Teachers. The students have brought innumerable laurels in various Inter school competitions and CBSE cluster.
  10. Swimming: A full length indoor swimming pool with automatic filtering plant has been set up for students to obtain training in this discipline. It is indeed one of the most popular spots in the campus for the growing students and advanced swimmers.
  11. TableTennis: Table Tennis is played on standard tables set up indoors in the campus. As the game is so popular, concrete tables, according to standard specifications are built in the indoor sports arena. The sport is offered to pupil of all classes.
  12. Karate: The martial art of Japanese origin is characterised by height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. The combative sport is taught in the Junior and Senior School and displayed at special sports events.
  13. Tennis: There is a well-equipped and spacious Tennis Court. This includes synthetic, clay and grass surfaced facilities.
  14. Volleyball: The team game is played at Junior and Senior level in the school campus with great agility and vigour.
  15. Yoga: This group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines is taught through the physical practice of postures called  The basic asanas are taught in the Junior and Senior School, where Yoga is a regular activity.
  16. Scouts & Guide: The students of DWPS are proudly associated with the Bharat Scouts & Guides (BS&G) which is the National Scouting & Guiding association of India. The Aim of Scouting and Guiding is four-fold for our students. The first is the formation of character; the second is the formation of sound health habits. The third is the training in the handicraft and the acquiring of useful skills; and the fourth is the cultivation of a proper spirit of service efficiently. The pursuit of this aim leads to the development of good citizenship, among boys and girls.
  17. NCC: The National Cadet Corps is one of the a premier youth organizations in our country, contributed in propagating national unity and integrity amongst youth. DWPS will soon be starting NCC with the zeal of instilling in our students the values of character, discipline and hard work and in shaping them into dynamic and responsible citizens of the country.