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Delhi World Public School are a new chain of schools under the aegis of the Delhi World Public School Foundation A Dipsites Pedagogy System initiated by Delhi World Public School Alumni including luminaries like Salman Khurshid, Former External Affairs Minister, Government of India.

What We Offer

Teaching aims at enhancing the child’s innate desire and acumen to learn. Activity is at the heart of children’s attempt to make sense of the world around them.

About Early Learning

The pre-primary wing at our school is a vibrant center where innovation and grandeur is reflected by the colorful set-up and thematic approach in teaching and design. Following a Montessori approach, we believe that children are active learners, explorers, experimenters and artists. Therefore the young impressionable minds are provided with a rich, meaningful and balanced curriculum based on the development of the essential skills and `Multiple Intelligence ’. The system stresses on the importance of providing wings to their little angels.

About Primary School

The activities of primary wing are focused towards continuous improvement of the students to explore their latent talents. The splash pool activity, organic farming, STEM robotics, class presentations, special assemblies and celebrations are myriads of opportunities offered to the students to chisel out their individual personalities. Innovative and creative techniques are adopted in teaching in the Discovery lab, Maths lab and Computer lab to bring out the creative spark in each one of them. Such experiential learning environment builds up the confidence to meet the specific challenges of the global world.

About Middle School

Middle school activities stimulate growth and encourage learning among kids. To hone the requisite skills, we at Delhi World Public School, have designed the curriculum in such a way that it not only nurtures academic excellence but also boosts self confidence to face all kinds of challenges in life. With this aim, foreign language has been made an integral part of academics. Sensitizing children about the national heritage is a regular feature, through our association with UNESCO clubs of India. Our association with ‘EXPRESSIONS’ under the able guidance of Dr. Jitendra Nagpal has helped immensely in inculcating a feeling of responsibility towards the society among students.

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Every talent requires appreciative eyes to be recognized and a platform for it to bloom. The school understands this so well that it has provided a fertile base for many a talent to bloom. The innovative venture ‘Escapade’ is another such instance of seeing the creative expressions of many play school children who share the warmth of our hospitality and spend a day in the campus. It is a day when their creativity is at its best splashing in the pool or creating multi colored art , musical moments or moments of fitness. Read More


Mankind is one, seeing that all are equally subject to the moral law. All men are equal in God’s eyes…. these lines have always seemed meaningful and realistic to each student of Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension as our school believes in inculcating basic values of humanity among its children like compassion, empathy, respect, concern, support, selflessness and many more.Keeping the same in mind, the students of class 8th of Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension were taken for a visit to Sanskar Kendra School, Noida on a pleasant morning of 27th April,2017 escorted by their class teacher. Read More

GREEN HOPE (Plantation Drive)

The School Chairman, Chairperson and the Directors opine that one should reach out to the changing and dynamic world. In the process of world transformation, we need faith, hope and respect for environment, which can be acquired through values instilled in the little minds, right now! With this noble thought in mind, hon’ble Chairman Sir has taken the initiative to begin the GREEN HOPE Programme, a major step towards conservation of environment and the COMMUNITY CONNECT PROGRAMME which showcases the magnanimous and philanthropic zeal of his persona. Read More