Global Connect


Education in 21 Century is at the forefront of global evolution . It is a melting pot of individuals and learning with a global perspective ensures that  students are exposed to different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and languages, enriching society in the process and broadening the academic experience for every individual. At DWPS Noida, we understand it as our moral responsibility to prepare our students for a world in which they need to join hands with people of diverse cultural origins, and appreciate different ideas, perspectives and values; a world in which they need to develop trust to collaborate across any differences; and a world in which their lives will be affected by issues that transcend national boundaries.

DWPS has constantly strived to take pioneer efforts in providing that little bit extra to its students in an endeavour to produce global leaders. Leaders that are not limited in their vision. Hence forth we in our institution initiate in providing global exposure to our students through various programmes and events such as Student Exchange Programme and Celebrating International Education Week, Visiting Foreign Embassies and Foundations so as  to engage them in experiential learning that fosters international and intercultural relations and to reflect upon the outcomes of their learning. Through engagement in these programmes , our students learn to acknowledge and value the diversity of people, display intercultural sensitivity, respect ,appreciate and understand international concerns relating to global peace and brotherhood.