A country rich in intellectual and educational reforms, Finland, is known across the world for its top rated education system. They believe in multidisciplinary learning with an emphasis on transversal competencies like learning HOW to learn, cultural competencies, interaction and self- expression. In such a system, teachers facilitate learning while students actively set targets, reflect and solve real life problems. The system provides the best childhood education experience that life has to offer.

Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension is exceptionally fortunate to collaborate with the Finland Education Hub to train the teachers to implement the best practices of their education system. The training sequence for the Professional Development of the teachers will empower them to deal with the challenges of the current era. The topics covered are

  • 21st Century Competencies and Learning
  • Play, Creativity, Fun and Active Learning
  • Collaborative Coding – Finnish Double Flip
  • AI, Flipped and Gamified Maths

The deep rooted impact of the enhanced educational system will be evident and apparent in the students’ behaviour and overall grooming. The age appropriate activities will strengthen the learning potential and they will learn how to live in the present moment. The safe and holistic environment will help children develop socio emotional, cognitive, adaptive, cultural and physical aspects of their personality. Treating each child unique, the curriculum, teacher training, excellent student teacher rapport will enable personalised education for each child. Once they acquire the core competencies and skill based education, they will be armoured with the ‘Skills for the Future’. The young brigade of DWPS NE will leave their ‘footprints on the sand of time’.

Finland system of education