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DWPS aims to provide international learning opportunities to students to facilitate them to accept and understand the world that is a cauldron of composite cultures and community perspectives. It is through the Student Exchange Programmes that the School emboldens students to discover new ways of adaptability and learning to be able to be a part of the global world.


Exchange isn’t a year in your life, it’s a life in a year.”
Students of Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension, got an opportunity to attend the online Danish Exchange programIt is basically a cultural and environmental program between the Indian and Danish students. The purpose of the program is to make the youth of the respective countries work together to learn about new and different approaches towards how the environment should be protected and also come up with solutions to solve the various issues.
This was a way to widen the horizons of a student which will help to build teamwork and leadership skills. The session gave a brand-new perspective on life and brand-new friendships from a beautiful country like Denmark which has developed so well and is doing well in all arenas

Expanding the Horizons- Indo- France Student Exchange Programme

  • The programme provide students with an exposure to become aware of multi-faceted approaches to learning and living
  • Students develop adaptability to embrace foreign cultures and promote liberal mindedness.
  • The school has had  a golden opportunity  to host a delegation of 10 students and 2 teachers from a highly reputed and prestigious school- Lycée Sainte- Marie Bastide Bordeaux, France as a part of Indo-French Student Exchange Program and our students too got the opportunity to visit France Indo- Spain Student Exchange Programme- A Gateway to Global Education and Expansion!

DWPS was represented by the esteemed Director, Dr. Saiyam Sahni and GDS, Spain was represented by the Chief Executive, Mr. D. Alberto Vicente Pescador. The school also takes pride in being a part of an International Educational Partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Gerardo San Diego, S. Coop. Madrid,a highly reputed school in Spain. The students of both the countries will work in collaboration to explore the entrenched culture and heritage of the nations.


An interactive exchange session with the students of a prestigious school of Egypt was organized for the students of DWPS NE. 15 students of Grade III  participated in the session on 24 April  ’24. The topics for the interaction & informal conversation were as follows:

Nature/Living Things

Air pollution

Clean Environment

Ways to keep our House clean

Good Habits

The session commenced with a brief introduction of the facilitators and participants, followed by an icebreaker activity (General Quiz) to encourage interaction and familiarize everyone with the format. The students were excited to learn about each other’s culture. They demonstrated active participation throughout the session, eagerly sharing their thoughts and perspectives. It turned out to be a very enthusiastic & interesting session.  The activity facilitated a rich cultural exchange, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures. Participants had the opportunity to practice their language skills, particularly English, in a conversational and informal setting.