23 Mar 2019

New Student Orientation 2019-20 (Prep & I)



Registration for : New Student Orientation 2019-20 (Prep & I)

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    1. Student’s Name (*)
    2. Gender (*)
    3. Mother’s Name (*)
    4. Father’s Name (*)
    5. Mobile Number (*)
    6. Email Id (*)
    7. Address (*)
    8. Have you ever had an international student live with you before? If yes, please explain. (*)
    9. What do you expect to find most rewarding about hosting an exchange? (*)
    10. Are you willing to spend one-two evenings taking the visiting student out to introduce them to Indian culture? (*)
    11. If your parents(s) is/are working or away for most of the day, who is in charge when the parents(s) is/are out? (*)
    12. Do you have any suggestions for activities which can be done with a visiting student? (*)
    13. What do you usually do during weekdays and weekends? Kindly indicate the activities and hobbies of every family member below. (*)
    14. Is your family vegetarian? If yes, are you comfortable with ordering non-vegetarian food if required? (*)
    15. Do you have any pet? If yes, please specify. (*)
    16. Does anyone in the home play a musical instrument, if so please specify. (*)
    17. What type of accommodation do you have? Is it flat, terraced house, semi-detached house, detached house, bungalow or any other? Kindly specify. (*)
    18. Do you have access to the internet? (*)
    19. Please provide a brief letter to your future student explaining why you and your family look forward to hosting. (*)
    20. Please attach a picture of your family. (*)



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