Dynamic Muners Exhibit Oratory Talent- In House Activity

The day started with welcoming tomorrow’s leaders to today’s Model United Nations in our prestigious Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension ! Seeing all of our students here is a timely reminder that MUN in out school exists to serve succeeding generations.

We were heartened to see such a large and enthusiastic group of young adults engaged in global issues. Together, they represented the United Nations as it should be — people from all countries coming together to find solutions to problems through constructive debate and an exchange of ideas.
Our Model United Nations is built on open minds and fresh ideas. Many of our delegates were asked to represent global issues or stands that they may personally disagree with. They did so fairly and forcefully. This open-mindedness is the essence of successful diplomacy — the ability to understand and analyse all positions, including those that we oppose.

Their acceptance of differing viewpoints clearly distinguishes their conference. I believe it will prove crucial as they assume leadership roles in the twenty-first century.
The participating committees were as follows –
1. UNSC – Terrorism in Afghanistan
2. UNHRC – Venezuela crisis
3. UNODC – Spanish Drug trade
4. UNGA – Human trafficking
The day was conducted in two sessions and concluded with award ceremony. The award were given for the best speaker of each committee. There was an overall Best Committee Award which was bagged by UNSC.
Best speaker award was won by –
1. Devansh (UNSC)
2. Lavanya (UNHRC)
3. Deepraj (UNODC)
4. Kartik Bohra (UNGA)
5. Sara Singh (UN WONEN)