Mankind is one, seeing that all are equally subject to the moral law. All men are equal in God’s eyes…. these lines have always seemed meaningful and realistic to each student of Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension as our school believes in inculcating basic values of humanity among its children like compassion, empathy, respect, concern, support, selflessness and many more. Keeping the same in mind, the students of class 8th of Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension were taken for a visit to Sanskar Kendra School, Noida on a pleasant morning of 27th April,2017 escorted by their class teacher. The school is headed by Ms Leeka Saxena, the Founder and Principal who has been in the area of education for almost 20 years. She started the school as a small initiative to educate the children who were dropped out from schools due to economic constraints. What started off as a basic education center for thirty five lesser privileged kids in 1995, took the shape of a formal school in 1998. Her love and concern for children has made her the guardian of around thousand children and three schools. The children of Sanskar School have been provided with all the basic necessities required for their well-being and grooming and that is what they shared with the children of Delhi World Public School. The students of both the schools had a very interactive session in which they discussed almost all the subjects, be it academics, sports or politics. The children visited all the classes and clicked photographs with them. They also distributed toys, books, chocolates and other food items as a token of love and affection. The best part of it was that many students expressed their wish of being peer educators and helping them in every aspect. The visit was indeed fruitful for the holistic development of the students for they learnt that our true nationality is mankind.