The school Chairman, Chairperson and the Directors opine that one should reach out to the changing and dynamic world. In the process of world transformation, we need faith, hope and respect for environment, which can be acquired through values instilled in the little minds, right now! With this noble thought in mind, hon’ble Chairman Sir has taken the initiative to begin the GREEN HOPE Programme, a major step towards conservation of environment and the COMMUNITY CONNECT PROGRAMME which showcases the magnanimous and philanthropic zeal of his persona. In this era of technology, there is a pressing need to reverse the effects of degradation in order for humanity to continue living in a sustainable manner. A unique project has been undertaken by the school as a major step towards the protection and conservation of the environment. Almost 10,000 saplings have already been planted at various places under the Tree Plantation Drive. The little rising stars of the school have a gone a step ahead and have embraced a plant each as a friend. They will nurture them, care for them and talk to them, eventually the children will adopt the role of the future guards of the environment. The Earth Day was celebrated with a similar motive, making children understand the need of taking care of our dear mother Earth. Going a step further in the zealous endeavour under the profound vision of Chairman sir, Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension has adopted three rotaries (round abouts) in the vicinity which will be maintained by the ever inspired students of the school.