Code of Conduct

As per School Policy you are requested to kindly adhere to below mentioned points keeping in mind the safety & Security of students.

(a)    No child will be allowed to come to school by self-driven vehicle.

(b)   A child will be allowed to go from school on short leave for a valid reason after filling of gate pass available at school reception which will be signed by different departments including Academic , Security ,Transport ,Admin Officer. The child will be handed over to the parents or local guardian only after verification. Parents are requested to come to school before time as to give us sufficient time to complete this procedure. This is for the safety and security of your ward.

(c)    The parents are requested to carry valid identity proof documents issued by Govt.Authority while coming to school till the time the parents’ escort card is issued to them.

(d)   The mode of transport for the self-commuters should be communicated to the respective class teacher.


Delhi World Public Schools ensure that, at all times, there is an atmosphere and ethos that supports and encourages learning, based on respect for the individual.

  • Students are responsible for their personal conduct and for contributing to a positive school environment by maintaining order, self-discipline and consideration for the rights and property of others.

Students Rights

Individual needs of the student within the limitations of the school.

  • Physical safety and protection of their property, including the right to reasonable school facilities.
  • Appropriate dialogue with teachers, counselors, administrators and other school personnel.
  • Protection from discrimination and harassment.

Students Rights Students Responsibilities

Each student has the responsibilities to:

  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Maintain neat and clean personal clothing and hygiene.
  • Respect the property of others, including keeping all books, facilities and materials used in the school in good condition.
  • Refrain from fighting, disruptive behaviour, acting in such a manner as to cause injury to others, using threats or intimidation against others, theft, or any other unlawful activity.
  • Be prompt to school and classes.
  • Refrain from inappropriate classroom behaviour.
  • Learn to preserve and protect the environment in school.

Refrain from possession, use or transmission of any alcoholic beverage, tobacco product or drugs.

Work Ethics

  • To be regular, up-to-date with work done daily in class.
  • Class work and home work to be diligently completed & handed in on time for correction.
  • Preparation for tests, assignments, examinations, competitions to be well-planned and organized.
  • Notebooks must be neat and orderly. No unnecessary scribbling etc.
  • Staying back beyond school hours require the requisite permission from parents, concerned teacher and supervisor.
  • Change of residence, phone numbers to be intimated to school authorities immediately (School Register / Class Teacher / Admin Officer).
  • Letter from parent when absent (short / long).

During Examinations

  • Sit quietly at specific desk, read quietly, prepare for exam.
  • All bags, books etc to be left outside classroom in a neat line.
  • No unfair means to be resorted to. No marks will be awarded if unfair means is used.
  • Be prepared with own set of pens, pencils, geometry boxes etc, no borrowing / lending permitted.
  • Any doubt in question paper or otherwise to be cleared with invigilator on duty.
  • Talking to another student strictly not permitted.

In the Auditorium

  • Disciplined behaviour at all times.
  • Move in neat lines from classrooms to auditorium.
  • No talking during presentations/address by guest speakers/when the compare speaks.
  • Disciplined, quick, orderly dispersal at the end.
  • Co-operation and courtesy to be shown to all.

In Washrooms

  • Turn off taps, when not in use. Always use water economically.
  • Leave the washroom clean as a courtesy to the next student.
  • Dispose of litter in the bins provided.
  • Do not scribble on doors, walls etc.
  • Do not waste time standing in groups, talking. Be mindful of others who need to use the facilities.

In Library

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the library.
  • The general expectation is that all activities in the library will be conducted in a quiet manner to avoid disturbing other library users.
  • Furniture is placed for safety and maximum use of space. Do not move the furniture, including chairs in the conference rooms or computer lab.
  • Users are required to use library equipment for designated purposes only.

Behaviour Expectations


  • To be worn smartly and neatly – well washed and ironed.
  • Socks shin length, shoes well-polished.
  • Hair neatly trimmed or neatly tied.
  • No tiny rings or studs in ears for girls. No multiple earrings. No nose and finger rings.
  • No nail polish.

Some unacceptable behaviour choices

  • Class work/ Homework/ project not completed or submitted on time.
  • Text books / notebooks not brought as required.
  • Constant distraction or lack of concentration.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Bullying/Fighting/Swearing/Bunking classes or school.
  • Absence without leave note.
  • Fee defaulters.
  • Disobedience/ Misbehaviour.
  • Bringing unwanted literature/ equipment CDs / mobile phones to school.
  • Untidy turnout.
  • Bringing valuables and large amount of cash.


1 Verbal Warning
2 Note in student’s Diary by the Class Teacher and countersigned by Parents.
3 Parent / Teacher / Counselor / Student meeting with Coordinator / HM/ VP
4 Parents and Student apprised of consequences.
5 Report to Principal for action. Suspension for a day/ Issuance of Yellow Card.
6 Suspension for three days.
7 Expulsion