“If you can’t do it alone, remember that asking for help is part of doing the work.”

The objective of these programmes is to develop holistic skills of the students. Exposure thus received helps students express themselves more confidently and improves their social skills.

Programme designed at DWPSNE encompasses a series of sessions, and the concepts covered include micro-level to macro-level learning.

Since the students are involved in the program effortlessly, they have become adept in understanding them. They are also testimony to DWPSNE’s commitment to integrating and balancing academic and co-scholastic goals.

The Programmes held in the campus are open for participation and choices are:

  1.  Organic Farming: School organic gardens and curricula have strong potential not only to teach fundamental lessons about biology, ecology, food and nutrition but also shape the values and expectations of children organic agriculture system and food supplies.
  1. Barry john Acting Academy: ‘And who knows –One is born to be a famous star’. Apart from an engaging and often exhilarating first step for actors, this is a well rounded off programme with Film Making, Editing and Theatre. The programme develops creativity, confidence and cooperation in students.
  2. Robotics: It is an integral part of STEM and with our growing economy and demand this programme gives students the opportunity to dive deep into the world of robotics and explore how computer programming and robot design can solve problems big and small!
  3. Artificial Intelligence: This programme allows students to move on at their own rate in learning AI. Particularly because the maturity levels and attention spans of elementary-aged students vary wildly, this gives children an ideal opportunity to explore academics at a comfortable speed. AI is the new gen technology and the future of technology, it just can’t be missed.
  4. Robo Garden-Coding certification: There is almost universal agreement that in a technology-driven era, school children should be learning coding at an early age. This Program extends beyond the technical skills of learning the language of computers and making gaming programs. It also helps students gain a better understanding of the technology surrounding them, as well as expanding their creativity by teaching them how to use technology in their own way.
  5. Scoutes and Guides 
    *Training the trainers to build young India*
    DWPS, Noida Extension takes pride in associating itself with Bharat Scouts and Guides and nurturing the beliefs of the great Mahatma by imbibing the Value based training in the heart and soul of its students. With this aim, our teachers were a part of a progressive and stimulating program conducted by Bharat Scouts and Guides where they took part in various activities through *Self-education, learning by doing and promise & law method* in an outdoor setting in contact with nature. The trainers are all set now to transform the knowledge gained during the program to our students as its going to help in inculcating *a spirit of patriotism, responsibility, loyalty to build in Young India.*