Mathophilia 2022-23

“Life is a math equation. In order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert negatives into positives. Only then will one succeed in adding joy, multiplying happiness and subtracting sorrows from one’s life.”

Mathophilia 2022-23, an interschool competition organized by the Mathematics Department of DWPSNE on 13th December, 2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the great mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, turned out to be a gala program with an interesting assortment of events where students form classes III to IX from twenty different schools from all over Delhi NCR participated in competitions like Gaming Mania, Mathematical Rangoli, Tangy Tangrams, Connecting Mathematics with Sustainability and Spiral of Theodorus. The program also consisted of a variety of cultural programs like dance, music, drama and presentations by the students of the institution. The winners and meritorious performers of the competition were awarded trophies and certificates by Honorable Judges who have excelled in their respective fields. On the whole, this successful event proved that “the magic of mathematics cannot be explained. The more you explore the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you love the subject and that competing becomes fun with intelligent people around!”

Events at DWPS

Events at DWPS

Events Overview

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

We have two major school events which are held annually and see the various wings of our school working side by side. Students and teachers take the lead in organising the School Annual Festival in fall, and the entire sports fraternity of DWPSNE. Student Athletes and parents are the driving force behind the Sports Day in Winter.  Both events offer excellent opportunities for students to learn performances, cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Glen Gaze MUN Conclave

A remarkable display of the DWPS participants in *Online COVID -19 Glen Gaze MUN Conclave – held on 20 June ’20 -* on the deep intracies of the Pandemic – an event where more than 15 schools participated and our MUN shiners brought laurels to the school by winning the *Best School Delegation Award* – adding yet another feather to its cap!

The topics given to students were:

– Post Corona Immigrants and Refugees Status

– Prevention of War between US and China in context to the Outbreak of Corona virus

– The process of Opening the Lockdown and Stabilizing the Economy

– Discussing about the Vaccine for pandemic as a Whole

– Consequences of the Pandemic

It provided the students a chance to ‘prove their very best’ in the contemporary challenging situation. Hoping for many more collaborative victories in future.

*Teachers’ Day – A Unique Way!*

DWPS was live on Facebook on 5 September – Teacher’s Day!
A virtual Get together witnessed the students of DWPS, Noida Extension showering their gratitude for keeping the flame of learning alive even during the challenging times.
It was a remarkable and memorable day for all the inmates of DWPS as the esteemed Regional Officer of CBSE ( Noida), Mr. Manish Agarwal, had consented to be the Chief Guest for the occasion. His heartfelt words of wisdom highlighting the importance of the role of teachers for creating a new India, inspired the teachers to the core.
All the esteemed members of the management – Chairman, Mr. Vipin Sahni, Chairperson, Ma’am Kiran Sahni and Director, Dr. Saiyam Sahni not only attended the programme but also appreciated the relentless efforts of the teachers and touched the hearts of all the members by their motivational utterances.
Honourable Principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora welcomed all the dignitaries and greeted all the teachers with gratitude and expressed her elation, seeing the school students rendering soulful performances reflecting their innermost joy.
The Virtual Party unravelled diverse and exemplary talents. The fun element was heightened with a challenging and captivating game. It was a day full of fun laughter and enjoyment.

“हम करें राष्ट्र आराधन, हम करें राष्ट्र आराधन”
Wishing everyone intellect and respect for our constitution. The value of Democracy and Nationality is redolent in shaping the children of DWPSNE. A melodious tribute to the world finest constitution!
Pride, love and passion for 🇮🇳

The Grand Citation Ceremony 2020-21

It was a moment of extreme jubilation and excitement in DWPS NE to see the young batch of Grade XII students 2020-21 being virtually felicitated by citations amidst a plethora of cultural items presented by grade XI students on Friday, 02 July ’21.
Among the most distinguished attendees were the Chairman, Mr. Vipin Sahni, the Chairperson, Ms. Kiran Sahni, the Director, Ms. Saiyam Sahni and the Principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora whose presence added a special charm to the event. Their words of inspiration and motivation will surely be embedded in their hearts. It was a spectacular programme, depicting Class teachers lighting diyas for each child and placing it around the globe signifying the fact that the students will spread their own light all around the globe in future. The programme filled the students of Grade XII with nostalgia as they presented ‘Memoirs’ expressing their deepest feelings. It was a touching moment to see flower petals being showered on the students, blessing each one for success and happiness. The pic of the day was the Tossing the Hat ceremony which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. A memorable and marvelous way of celebrating the First Grand Citation Ceremony will go down the annals of the school.
May the school take pride in transforming students into good global citizens who will leave their creative imprints on the sands of time.

“One upon a time..there was separation in isolation..and then now is Family time together again”
A joyous and captivating time together..the school..the children and the parents! Frolic had this new address at Delhi World Public school Noida Extension with fun activities like Potter’s wheel, Book reading, Craft an image, thesay cheese selfie corner, Dance to your tunes, Get messy get coloured and Sports on the Move atmosphere in the amphitheatre of our school. The children brought smiles to the lips of the teachers and heart of their parents. It was vibrant and colour of hope for a promising new session.
The school is not only proud to identify this gap of outings in a family but also happy to facilitate it in a safe atmosphere, keeping all Covid protocols adhered and guidelines honoured. Keep the hope alive, the best days starts dear Family @ Family day today at Delhi World Public school Noida Extension!

Delhi World Public, Noida Extension, has set an unprecedented bar for itself by hosting its first audition of MUN 2022 on 15 and 16 October’22 with its phenomenal and humongous success.

The beauty about this grand event lies in the sheer volume of acquired and provided talents. The Delegates, Student Officers, and the Executive Team members alike were all able to gain life skills on a learning curve that they could take on with them in their future endeavours. The aspects of internationalism, leadership, social and global networking, and opportunities to hone public speaking and debate skills were showcased meticulously. The representatives were enthusiastically and actively engaged in diplomatic discussions, debates, and deliberations. The rigorous process of planning and implementation of the conference was extremely fruitful for all the participants in terms of getting valuable insigh.