House System


 “Stand for a different education: a different education where systems are seen as true epitome of education!”

The concept of house system is an integral part of every school aiming at holistic development of students. One of the main strengths of the House system is giving students of all ages the opportunity to work together, creating a truly cohesive environment and ensuring that age is not a barrier to friendship and collaboration. It forms the basis of all competitions in the school. By setting up a House System, we suspect that strong house loyalty and a sense of fun and friendly competition will capture the school atmosphere.

There are four houses in the school. Every student, on admission, is placed in one of these Houses.





Each House is headed by a House mistress to look after the day to day affairs of the House. Students of each House are entrusted with various responsibilities supervised by the House Captains and Vice Captains. The Houses are formed with a motive of inculcating a spirit of teamwork and unity among the students along with providing them a platform to showcase and hone their talent in different fields. House meetings are also held monthly to introduce the new activities.

During the year, the Houses compete against each other in a number of activities which may change from year to year.

Some of these activities are listed below:

  • Physical activity competitions
  • Organization of Sports Events ( Athletics, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Skating etc.)
  • Participation in before and after school physical activities
  • Contribution to school Culture
  • Building projects at the school



  • Extempore, Elocution, Creative Writing, Slogan writing, Poster making, Story Narration, Numerical Ability & Test of Reasoning, Quiz, Art, Music and Computer Programming.


  • Organize events
  • Initiatives to support other students
  • Games tournament

House groups can also be used to:

  • Welcome visitors to the school
  • Represent the school at functions
  • Co-ordinate activities around the school or sporting events
  • Develop a sense of ownership at DWPS
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for their part of the school (Cleanliness, presentation and projects)

End of the school year

  • At the end of each year, the best House is awarded the Rolling Trophy based on various parameters.