Astronomy Session @ DWPS

SPACE Explorers

SPACE Explorers Workshop is a collection of one day programs which give students a remarkable opportunity to participate, interact and experiment to find answers behind the mysteries of universe.

It focuses on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to students through practical hands on experience, which help them develop their knowledge base as well as life skills.

The whole philosophy of the workshop is
 I do – I understand
 I understand – I learn


In this workshop, Students realized that even as simple and as omnipresent thing like air can be used as a fuel to launch rockets which flies to great heights and lengths. They learnt about the power and magic of air pressure through hands-on activities. Later they constructed their own stomp rockets and launched them in a friendly competition on the same concept of air pressure.

Learning Outcomes of the workshop
1. Students understood about space and rocket.
2. Students learnt about the shape and parts of a rocket.
3. Students learnt about fuel used in different types of rocket.
4. Students learnt about pressure exerted by air and its importance. They learnt how it can be used as fuel for a rocket.
5. Students were introduced to stomp rocket and learn how it flies.
6. Students made and tested their own rockets.
7. Students understood about the need and use of a launcher.


The workshop gave an insight into the mysterious world of comets. Through this presentation based workshop, students came to know a lot of facts about comets and asteroids. Finally they were involved in hands-on group activity where they cooked their own comet, with the same ingredients as found on the real ones.
Learning Outcomes of the workshop:
1. Students learnt about the structure, parts and orbit of a comet.
2. Students learnt how are comets formed and where do they come from.
3. Students learnt about various missions sent to comets and their importance.
4. Students learnt about asteroids and formation of impact craters.
5. Students learnt about the composition of an actual comet and made a comet using the same composition