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Mradul Sharma

Principal Mam Dwps: I have been bestowed with the esteemed opportunity to contribute to the welfare of my nation through my induction into the distinguished institution of NDA Khadakwasla. The National Defence Academy stands as an eminent establishment, heralding the confluence of training for the Indian Armed Forces’ triumvirate—the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force. I am highly indebted to Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension which has been more than mere academia to me; it was a cherished chapter that I wished would never end. The tenderness and benevolence shown by my mentors evoke nothing but gratitude. The institution fortified my mettle and self-assurance to exude confidence even in the presence of multitudes ardently aspire to reciprocate the school's munificence someday.

Prateek Shahi

The esteemed institution of DWPS served as the bedrock for my personal development, fostering a resilient framework. Under the guidance of proficient mentors and through the auspices of the school's visionary management, I cultivated a poised and discerning perspective towards life's intricacies. I successfully concluded a demanding two-month finance training program at the distinguished Acme grade, duly accredited by the renowned IIM Ahmedabad. Furthermore, my exceptional CUET score propelled me towards pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Honours course at the esteemed (SRCC) Shri Ram College of Commerce. Within the realm of my internship, I triumphantly executed a financial modelling project, elevating my skill set to new heights.

Aksaht Shashi

Principal Mam Dwps: My revered alma mater, the illustrious DWPS, instilled a steadfast foundation imperative for constructing a resilient edifice. Guided by erudite mentors, endowed with opportunities by the school's administration, and under the tutelage of our exceptional principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora, I refined my outlook and demeanour towards life. Currently, I am actively immersed in an internship at Siska (Manchester, US), specializing in the intricate realm of machine learning within the field of computer science.

Aviral Hatwal

Principal Mam Dwps: I am currently pursuing the esteemed B.Tech program at IIIT Lucknow, delving into the captivating field of interdisciplinary Computer Science with a focus on business applications. Without a doubt, my educational institution, DWPSNE, has assumed a pivotal position in moulding my personal maturation and advancement. It has bestowed upon me an extraordinary milieu, sparking an ardent fervour that propels me unwaveringly towards the pursuit of distinction, the broadening of intellectual horizons, the profound appreciation of every precious encounter, and the wholehearted embrace of the multifaceted facets inherent in life's odyssey.