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Education Re-imagined

Navigating The Future Of Generation Alpha

The world is changing and our education system needs to evolve with it. Dylan Wiliam, a famous British educationalist and Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, states “the purpose of education should be to prepare students for a world we can’t envisage, so when they are stuck, they choose to think, instead of remember.”

DWPS understands this need of the hour, as never before, that education requires being Re-imagined by re-inventing, re-creating and re-enforcing all aspects of Education. “Our goal is to inspire our students to become life-long learners with a love of education.”

We believe in developing a holistic, learner centred, flexible system rightfully balances the rootedness and pride in India as well as acceptance of the best ideas and practices in the world of learning from across the globe.

Our team has researched extensively looking into various sources including studies of multiple Foreign scholars on didactics, textbooks on Pedagogy of the twentieth century, UNESCO recommendations on the development of teaching strategies

The school is elevated to plaud the efforts of our teaching fraternity who have brought innovation and creativity into the classroom.

Innovative Practices @ DWPS:

Students centric approach: Secured and condusive environment is available for a student centric healthy clasroom to set a seal on their optimum engagement. The students in DWPS become independent thinkers by developing the strategies and the confidence to learn by discovery, rather than simply memorising factual information.

Visualization: Videos, Clips, Animations Word-charts and Pictographs are dominating the classrooms, going beyond the chalk and board and other monotonous instruction materials. Academic concepts are connected to real-life skills with visual and practical learning experiences, helping the students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world.

Cooperative learning: Students of mixed abilities are encouraged to work together by promoting small group or whole class activities. Activities in groups are a combined elements of : Organiser, Speaker, Recorder and Technical-constructor. An internal co-ordination within is promoted with due reporting to the incharge teacher.

Promoting curiosity in learning: Students are encouraged to ask questions and investigate their own ideas. This education freedom ensures the students improve their problem-solving skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts.

Collaborate to Differentiate: Assigning classroom activities according to students’ unique learning needs means individuals with higher academic capabilities are stretched and those who are struggling get the appropriate support.

Tangle Teaching with Technology: Incorporating technology into our teaching has proven to be a great way to actively engage the students, especially as digital media surrounds young people in the 21st century.

Emotional Quotient enhancement: In the world of competition and isolation together, DWPSNE ensures to encourage a productive learning environment clear of disruptiveness in classrooms, by developing an atmosphere of mutual respect through a combination of discipline and reward for our students.

Teaching through Virtual Reality: Teachers at DWPSNE have commenced Virtual and Augmented reality based teaching to make the class more interesting and engaging. are encouraged to record an audio based or written answer during or after an experience after the class, such as visit to a place, watching a movie, reading a book or even listening to a music/song. This practice ensures that learning of our students has crossed over from the classroom into their lives.

We have always involved our students in multifarious activities to give them wider exposure in educational field . We always accept the challenge to become proactive people, who wish to create and are able to face needs and solve problems, open to the surrounding world with positive and critical thinking. We will continue to nurture our students so that they groom into well rounded personalities who will step into the larger and global world , equipped with 21 Century Skills that will make them expand horizons beyond the sky!