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The Delhi World Public Schools are a renowned chain of 97 schools presently, in India and abroad, under the aegis of the Delhi World Foundation – a Dipsites Pedagogy system initiated by Delhi Public School Alumni which includes luminaries like Mr. Salman Khurshid – Former External Affairs Minister, Government of India as the Mentor and Mrs. Louise Khurshid as the Chairperson of Delhi World Foundation. This group of schools spearhead a mission to achieve excellence in education through cutting edge learning tools combined with human touch and the unique Guru – Shishya (Teacher Pupil) bond. 

The visionaries believe that each child is special and unique and is a natural learner, keen to know and grow with the world around, eager to receive education with open arms, if given a conducive environment to study in.  They essentially believe in the all-round intellectual, social, moral and physical development of a child by providing an access to Holistic and Quality education The sports activities and cultural events taking place in the school also play a vital role in the holistic development of the children. The vision of its curriculum and pedagogy is to build an education system rooted in Indian ethos that contributes directly to transforming India by providing high quality education.

DWPS schools strive to achieve the best academic standards globally by following the guidance of the Education and Resource Council which comprises eminent names in the world of education. The endeavour is entirely dedicated to nurture the inquisitive spirit in the children encourage scientific temperament as well as strengthen the social bonds.

 Vision & Mission Statement

Delhi World Public Schools are committed to provide state-of-the-art education, incorporating Indian values and World culture, aiming to create global citizens as torch bearers of a dynamic and harmonious world.

Delhi World Public Schools aim to instill in each child a sense of inquisitiveness and exploration, and an urge for experimentation, observation and synthesis. We endeavor to free the learning process from the confines of the four walls of classrooms and take it further to activity workshops, resource centers, laboratories and library, teaching less for learning more. Every child is encouraged to inculcate the values of citizenry; a commitment to good health, high values and sensitivity to the environment. We strive to guide and support each child in their journey from primary to senior school and prepare them for the journey beyond school.