India is gem of a country. It’s history, culture & heritage is as unique as it is rich. The diversity of India, of our civilization, is a thing of beauty, which is something we are extremely proud of. We at Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension have always believed in inculcating Indian values in our students and want to spread its roots globally. Keeping the same in mind, we have taken yet another prominent initiative that is Student Exchange Programme in which our students will host French Students from a highly reputed and prestigious school. Our vision is to provide international learning opportunities to students to facilitate them to accept and understand the world that is a cauldron of composite cultures and community perspectives.  Through the International Exchange programme, the School emboldens students to discover new ways of adaptability and learning to be able to be a part of the global world. The programme provide students with an exposure to become aware of multi-faceted approaches to learning and living. Students also develop adaptability to embrace foreign cultures and promote liberal-mindedness. The Indo-French Students Exchange programme will not only help to spread the message of universal brotherhood but will also help the students to discover new world, explore, experience, exult and serve as a vibrant platform for showcasing our rich cultural heritage to the French students.


The Indo – Spanish Exchange Programme with GSD Buitrago International school was an unforgettable Ten Day experience for all the students involved in it. The way they spent their time in proximity with nature made them feel fresh and lively. Being far away from home, they did not feel lonely and enjoyed every aspect of the trip. This was a kind of exposure which has contributed majorly in grooming the children into global human beings

A visit to “Chinese Embassy”

It has been a matter of great pleasure for DWPS as the students have acquired exclusive exposure participating in the prestigious programme in the Embassy of China.

The wonderful applause after the presentation of Mime in the presence of a distinguished gathering comprising of students from other schools has boosted the confidence level of the students a lot.

It was also a matter of pride being the honoured guest for dinner and savouring the authentic cuisine thereby enhancing the knowledge about the country.

Such experiences will definitely be treasured by students forever. These are steps adopted by the school to inculcate a truly global mindset among students.

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP between DWPS and GDS, Spain ! Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension has another feather added to it’s cap and takes pride in being a part of an International Educational Partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Gredos San Diego, S. Coop. Madrid, a highly reputed school in Spain. DWPS was represented by the esteemed Director, Dr. Saiyam Sahni and GDS, Spain was represented by the Chief Executive, Mr. D. Alberto Vicente Pescador. The students of both the countries will work in collaboration to explore the entrenched culture and heritage of the nations. There are many exciting ventures up the sleeve which will make the students savour the ethnicity and find the difference. Participation in the International Education Week, MUN for fostering peace and harmony worldwide, Community Connect to reach out to society, partnership visits, building a scientific temperament and breaking the boundaries by learning the foreign language for interaction. What a superb and sublime way to create global champions!


GLOBAL WAVES  – A  Carnival

A mega event, the International Education Week in Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension culminated in ‘Global Waves’ – a Carnival with enthusiastic participation of one and all. The weeklong celebration from 15th July’19 to 20th July’19 was marked by activities like Poster Making, Collage Making Competition, Folk tale narration, Mask and Artefacts making Competition etc. An Inter School German and French Music and Cuisine Competition ‘Culturelle Stimmung’ was organized during the week which had an overwhelming response from all reputed schools of Noida. The linguistic skills of the students were honed as they could speak about the cultural heritage of the adopted countries. The students enjoyed making an array of craft exhibits like masks, traditional pots, pasta necklaces, paper craft and many more items related to the countries.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Mahesh Sharma graced the occasion with his benign presence. The eminent guests and delegates from the embassies of Korea and China were welcomed with a Hip hop dance which took them by surprise followed by the Ribbon cutting Ceremony and lighting of the lamp amidst chanting of shlokas. The mellifluous music of the orchestra stole the hearts of the audience. The Principal, Ms. Jyoti Arora accorded a cordial welcome to all the guests and dignitaries.

The cultural show presented on the occasion won acclaim from the eminent guests and parents alike. The majestic glimpses of the dances of many countries such as South Korea, China, Thailand, Sngapore, Myanmar, Japan, UAE, etc. enamoured the audience. The highlight of the carnival was the responsive chord that was struck with the audience when the students took the stage by storm. The aesthetically laid out exhibition reflected the diligence and perfection of the students. The exemplary exhibition had a grand display of culture, craft, cuisine, costume of the adopted country. The Tempura dance was presented by the representatives from the embassy of Egypt.

The Chairman, Mr. Vipin Sahni, the Chairperson, Ms. Kiran Sahni along with the Directors Ms. Saiyam Sahni felt elated explaining to the guests how our children are actually trained to become global citizens. The honoured guests acclaimed the exceptional way of creating global mindset among students and the way they will confidently stride ahead in future.  The colorful event came to end making each and every one feel more knowledgeable and proud to be a part of global diversity with a united culture of being a human being on this planet Earth.